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Andrew and Andrea

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Our Story

Andrew & Andrea's story begins in 2016 when they first met while working at a casino. It all started when he asked her to join him for a motorcycle ride to a mountaintop restaurant. After a 17 hour long first date, the rest was history. They became friends and quickly fell in love. After just a couple years, they decided to move in together to their first apartment. At the time Andrea was a full time employee and student and Andrew was working on becoming a table games dealer. Here they worked on the foundation of their relationship and created a place to call home. Andrew began a difficult career in real estate that would eventually shape him into the person he is today and after arduous studying, Andrea graduated and fulfilled her dream of becoming a medical sonographer.

It was during these years they would have some of the best and most romantic memories they would share together forever, spending time in Cancun, Bali, Utah, and Arizona, they traveled the world together as one. In November 2021 they decided to take a 3 week adventure to Spain and Italy. They visited many different cities but the one that stole their hearts was Barcelona. It was here that Andrew hired a secret photographer to capture the moment that would change their lives forever. In a small romantic Spanish square called Plaça de Sant Felip Neri, he kneeled down to ask for her hand in marriage, and in one of the most romantic places they could have ever dreamed of, she wholeheartedly said YES!

Now, engaged, and very excited to be husband and wife, they plan to create the most special celebration in honor of their love and can't wait to celebrate with you!